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Job Shadowing:

This allows an employee to learn about and benefit from the expertise of the senior employees.


Employee Interests:

If an employee has an interest in or has expertise in a subject, or attends an external training session or conference that could be of benefit to your property, have them hold an in-house training session for all employees.

If there are costs involved, you could offer to cost-share or pay the entire amount.


Hold brown bag lunches:

These are informal talks about subjects over lunch. Whether about work or work-life topics, brown bag lunches can provide employees with the information they need for a better work environment and create great lives.


Training from external sources:

If a company wants to sell you a new interactive computer and television system, or other products related to your property, have their sales representative come in and meet with you and the appropriate team. Your front-line employees will always be approached first by guests to find out how things work.


Making time for employee development, regularly, allows you to plan and bring in consultants or internal providers who know your goals, language, culture, and workplace norms.


These job training sessions also build the team and help employees develop conversations about improvement, growth, and change.  


You can hedge your bet with a well-thought-out step-by-step training process and chisel a new employee into that creative, ambitious worker you so desire.


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