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July 2023

Checking In, Staying In: Effective Strategies for Retaining Top Hotel Talent | Ep. #352

Tired of employee turnover rates? Discover innovative strategies that will make your property the ultimate employee hotspot! Welcome to another edition of Hospitality Property School I am your instructor, Gerry MacPherson . . In this [...]

Guarding the Guest Experience: Key Qualifications for Hotel Security Employees | Eps. #351

 From eagle-eyed surveillance to an unwavering commitment to guest safety, find out why looking for the right qualifications for your hotel security employees is the key to peace of mind. Welcome to another edition [...]

Numbers that Matter: Qualifications for Hotel Accounting and Finance Employees | Eps. #350

Want to make sure your hotel's finances are as sharp as a well-ironed suit? It's time to hire the money maestros who can turn your financial woes into 'WOWs'! Welcome to another edition of Hospitality [...]

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