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What Makes a Hospitality Property

(Hotel, Resort, Inn, Bed and Breakfast, Holiday Rental) Successful?

Let us take you behind the scenes and share with you how to manage a hotel, run a resort, become an innkeeper and
what you need to know when opening a bed and breakfast.

And for your guests … how to make your hospitality property the highlight of their journey.

How to #MakeTheirExperience


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Knowledge is Gold

Whether you’re an aspiring or seasoned hotel resort, inn or bed and breakfast owner or manager, ongoing training is essential for continued success.

These hospitality property resources are designed to help improve your bookings & profit.

These hospitality properties (hotel-resort-bed & breakfast) courses are designed for aspiring & seasoned owners & managers. They are jam-packed with knowledge & skills to help you achieve your professional goals, increase your bookings, find & retain great employees and improve your bottom line.

Keystone Hospitality Property Development Courses

Making Your Hospitality Property Successful - Keystone HPD

As a travel authority with decades of hotel, resort, inn and bed & breakfast visitation experience, I wanted to share my expertise and knowledge with current and potential hospitality property owners and managers who do not have the benefit of a ready-made organizational structure, branding and marketing that chain properties provide.

It is packed with in-depth, practical training and resources on all aspects of planning, building, running and growing a successful hotel, resort, inn, bed & breakfast, and holiday rental.

You will have access to…

  • Actionable Workbooks
  • Courses
  • Resources/Perks
  • Member Properties
  • Q & As
  • Community Voice

You’ll also find information on …

Your Guests, Personal/Employee Development, Facility, Marketing, Hospitality Property Checklists, Trends, Technology, Operations Manual Development, Interviews, Webinars, Ted Talks, INNsider Tips, Podcasts

Making Your Hospitality Property Successful - Keystone HPD
Making Your Hospitality Property Successful - Keystone HPD
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