One of the easiest ways to build a relationship with your guests is branding your hospitality property.

Welcome to another edition of hospitality property school.

Today, I’m going to talk about the Importance of Branding Your Hospitality Property.



Why is Branding Your Hospitality Property Important?

One of the easiest ways to build a relationship between your hospitality property and customer is with a convincing brand. But what does it take to create a brand that creates trust?


A hospitality property should be more than a place to sleep. A hospitality property is an integral factor of the travel experience, one that can make or break the entire trip. Which is why your hospitality property must start sharing its unique experiences from the very beginning – way before the customer chooses your hospitality property and checks in.


You can do this by making branding a priority in your hospitality properties marketing strategy. The key to branding is to have a very clear and distinctive selling proposition that will appeal to your target audience.


If potential guests only see that you’re offering the same experiences as your competition, the only thing left to set you apart is price, which can be a risky precedent, as there’s always someone out there willing to undercut you.



So, What are the Benefits of Branding Your Hospitality Property?

A good brand fosters personal communication with customers by building rapport, improving social engagement and giving a personal story, which can increase first-time bookings and loyalty.



Increased profits

A targeted audience is usually willing to pay more for services that specifically fit their needs, wants and desires.



Reduced Costs

When you know your market, you can make intelligent decisions about where to target the funds that can save you money.



Happier Customers

By managing your guest’s expectations, you will have more satisfied customers.



Less Complaints

If your hotel has a specific brand identity, guests will be less likely to expect an experience other than what you provide.

If you embrace the concept of marketing to a targeted portion of the travel market, it will lead to operating a profitable hospitality property with less of the stresses of the generic business model.



What is it About Your Brand That Stands Out? 

You need to discover this and then write it into a narrative that will make your hospitality properties brand one that guests will remember time and time again.


Make sure it’s something that’s distinctive to your property and then apply it all across all your brand. Everything needs to speak your brand until customers start discussing it themselves without having to be encouraged.


Your branding is the voice of your property, so make sure your branding story tells the tale of what’s most precious to your hospitality property. A good branding story can most certainly do this, and once you’re able to put a successful one together, you’ll attract people back to your hospitality property time and time again.


That is it for today, next podcast I will continue with branding and will share steps you can take to develop your branding story.


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