Hey, hoteliers! You know those days when you think everything’s sailing smoothly and then – bam! – an unexpected maintenance issue pops up?

Well, let’s dive into this unpredictable world of hotel maintenance, where the only constant is… surprise!

So how can you get a handle on some of those hotel maintenance surprises?

  1. The Preventative Magic:

Think of it like your annual health check-up but for your hotel. Systematic inspections, super detailed equipment logs, and hey – train your whole team to be mini detectives. They’re on the front lines and can spot potential hiccups. Yep, even housekeeping!


  1. The ‘Oh No, Not Now!’ Plan:

Have an emergency fund. It’s like your rainy day bank but for unexpected repairs. Also, keep a good relationship with your go-to vendors – and if disaster does strike? Have backup plans. If the HVAC throws a tantrum, can you offer fans or heaters?

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  1. Go Techy: Let’s geek out!

Use tools like Maintenance Care to schedule, track, and manage tasks. And hey, let’s get everyone equipped with mobile devices or apps for instant problem reporting. Because, sometimes, speed is everything.


  1. Your In-House Super Squad:

Think of them as your hotel’s superheroes. With them around, you can tackle issues faster than you can say “five-star review.” And remember, training is their superpower!


  1. Talk, Talk, Talk:

Let your guests in on the secret. If there’s a hiccup, be upfront. Offer easy ways for them to voice concerns and keep communication clear. A guest in the know is a happier guest. We go into more detail about guest communication/ in the ‘Check-In to Success – Building and Running Your Hotel Business’ course./


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How do you stay on top of your hotel maintenance?

Let me know.


In our next episode, I will talk about pricing strategies.


In conclusion

In the dynamic world of hotel maintenance, surprises are just part of the journey. But with a solid strategy, the right tools, and an amazing team behind you, navigating these surprises becomes a lot more manageable. Remember, it’s not about eliminating challenges but mastering the ways to handle them. By being proactive, leveraging technology, and prioritizing open communication with guests, you can ensure that your hotel remains the sanctuary it’s meant to be for your visitors.


Now, as we set our sights on the next topic of pricing strategies, I urge you to reflect on your current maintenance practices. What can you tweak or upgrade? Because every well-maintained corner of your hotel is a testament to your commitment to excellence. Let’s keep elevating the guest experience, one maintenance task at a time.





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