Have you ever felt like your quaint establishment has the temperament of a moody teenager, throwing surprise tantrums just when you thought things were sailing smoothly? Yep, we’re talking about the ‘M’ word – Maintenance.

What can you do about bed and breakfast maintenance?

Now, a drip here, and a creak there might seem small. But guess who’s most likely to notice? Mrs. Jones in Room 3, who’ll take it upon herself to mention it in her otherwise glowing TripAdvisor review. So here are some nifty tricks to keep Mrs. Jone’s review squeaky clean:


Bed and Breakfast Maintenance Strategies

The Crystal Ball Strategy:

Schedule those regular checkups. From spooky attic noises to the basement’s age-old secrets. And keep a diary. Not of your feelings, but of when you last replaced that coffee machine or fixed the garden tap. Guests’ feedback? Gold! If they tell you about a flickering light, thank them. It’s like getting a cheat code for your own game.


The Rainy Day Fund:

The boiler’s gone kaput in the middle of winter? Panic not! Have a little savings jar labelled ‘For Unseen Rainy Days’. And make friends with Bob the local plumber or Sally the electrician. Not just for their riveting conversations, but they might just squeeze you in during emergencies.

Bed and Breakfast Maintenance | Bed, Breakfast & Bolts-006

There’s an App for That:

From reminders to check the chimneys to making sure the roses are pruned, digital assistants can be lifesavers. If your B&B is like a mini village, get a system where your team can alert you to problems. Maybe set up ‘The Drip Chronicles’ chat group? Check out Maintenance Care and sign up for free.


The DIY Hero Kit:

Stock up on basics. A hammer, some nails, duct tape (lots of it), and perhaps fairy lights? Because why not? Address those little quirks immediately and save that late-night hardware store run.


Don’t Play Hide and Seek:

If there’s some noisy work happening or a room acting up, give your guests a heads-up. Being transparent can turn potential grumbles into nods of understanding.


And remember, it’s not just about fixing things but creating a culture where everyone’s looking out for the B&B’s best interests. That way, everyone chips in to make sure your guests are humming praises instead of spotting problems.

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How do you stay on top of your property’s maintenance?

Let me know.


In our next episode, I will talk about pricing strategies.


In conclusion

In the captivating world of bed and breakfast maintenance, it isn’t just a necessity; it’s an art. A blend of anticipation, preparation, and a sprinkle of DIY creativity. With the right tools and mindset, the rollercoaster of unexpected fixes and upkeep turns into a manageable and even rewarding aspect of the B&B journey. It ensures that Mrs. Jones and all your cherished guests experience the homely magic you’ve poured into every corner of your establishment.


So, as you forge ahead, embrace the ‘M’ word with both arms, ready to conquer its challenges. Don’t forget to tap into the wisdom of others and share your own – because together, we elevate the B&B community to unparalleled heights. See you next time as we dive into the nuanced world of pricing strategies. Until then, may your stays be merry and your reviews ever-glowing!





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Bed and Breakfast Maintenance | Bed, Breakfast & Bolts-006