Ever had one of those days when you burn the toast and your B&B guest decides to write the next ‘War and Peace’ about it on TripAdvisor?

Yeah, reviews can be a pain, but getting positive reviews is easier than you thought.

Let’s be real, one misstep, one slightly under-fluffed pillow, and bam! It’s a one-star fiesta. But hey, every cloud has a silver lining, or in our case, a five-star review waiting to shine.


Here are ways of getting positive reviews

Connecting with your guests:

You’re not running a robot inn, right? So, have a chat, ask about Mrs. Jones’ cat, and remember when Mr. Smith said he’s lactose intolerant. Little chats make big impacts!


Keep your place spick and span:

Let’s aim for ‘so clean you can eat off it’, and not ‘why is there a sock under the bed?’. Toss in some fresh flowers, quality sheets, and those tiny shampoo bottles everyone secretly loves.

Positive Reviews |Turning Frowns Upside Down-002

Be the concerned listener:

Be all ears. If Mr. Garcia feels there’s a ghost in his room because the window creaks, fix it. Turning frowns upside down in real-time is ghost-busting level cool!


The Digital Dance:

Reply to all reviews. Yes, even to the guy who thought ‘continental breakfast’ meant a flight to Europe. Gratitude for the good, understanding for the not-so-good, and always a sprinkle of humour when appropriate.


Elevate the Everyday:

Jazz things up! Theme weekends, local fruit parfaits, or that twilight city tour. Give ’em a little extra to chat about (and hopefully, rave about online!).


And a cheeky tip: Make it super easy for guests to sing your praises online. A little nudge, like a card with review links or a friendly email, does wonders. Because let’s be honest: a happy guest today could be your best marketer tomorrow.


Crafting the Perfect Stay-25 Essential Insights for Bed and Breakfast Owners PDFFeeling inspired but need a roadmap? Grab our freebie: ‘Crafting the Perfect Stay – 25 Essential Insights for Bed and Breakfast Owners’. Dive into more golden nuggets that’ll have you floating in a sea of five-star reviews. Check the show notes and download it now! Toast-burning days? They’re so last season.


I’m curious, do you hide from reviews or embrace them?

Let me know.


In our next episode, I will share tips for decoding guest expectations.


In Conclusion

In the world of hospitality, reviews are the double-edged sword we must wield with grace and finesse. While the occasional burnt toast might lead to a lengthy TripAdvisor saga, remember that your power lies in connection, attentiveness, and elevating the ordinary into something memorable.


Embrace feedback, both glowing and grim, as stepping stones to excellence. After all, today’s critiques are tomorrow’s opportunities to shine even brighter. So, as you navigate the tides of guest opinions, keep your focus on creating experiences that resonate.


And remember, in the grand narrative of your B&B, every chapter—good or challenging—contributes to a compelling story. Stay tuned, and let’s continue this journey together!





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Positive Reviews |Turning Frowns Upside Down-002