This is the 1st of the 5 Part Video Series

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“How to Improve your Independent Hotel or Bed & Breakfasts Success”


This video series is designed for independent hospitality properties, independent hotels or Bed & Breakfasts, one owner, an owner who does not have the benefit of an organizational structure, branding and marketing that chain properties provide.

If you are an owner, with a property running like a well-oiled machine, who can step away for an afternoon, a day or a week and know everything will continue to function smoothly, while there’s no need for you to continue watching this series.

If not, this independent hotel or Bed & Breakfasts training series is for you.
We will look at what type of business owner you are, knowing your business and strategies that can be used to balance your strengths and weaknesses.


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Gerry MacPhersonGerry MacPherson is a travel authorities and partner at Keystone Hospitality Development Consulting.  With over two decades of Hotel and Bed & Breakfast visitation experience, Gerry knowledge has given him a unique insight into the wants, needs and requirements of individual and group travellers, as well as management and employees.

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