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In the last INNsider Tips episode, I shared with you 6 steps you could take to get into the right mindset


In today’s tip, I will share an exercise to a way of thinking about your business, a way of seeing and doing that you carry into your daily work.


Okay, take 10 minutes to review what you’ve done in the first six steps and then answer the following questions.


  • Do your vision and mission still ring true?


  • In developing a strategic goal to support those statements, did you identify potential improvements to your vision and mission?


  • Can you realistically act in a step-by-step fashion toward your goal?


  • Can you measure that action and its progress?


Make any adjustments that you would deem necessary.


Once you’re happy with all the steps, you can use them as a template to help you to form a habit of tackling your business’s future with each activity you engage in.


If you have a clear vision of who you are and what your business is, as well as the steps you need to take to achieve your goals, you will not be dragged down into the pool of drudgery but instead, you will be an inspiration to both your employees and customers.


Share with your employees the different steps and how they work to achieving the goal.


Show them how even the most menial work can be a piece of art when done by an artist.


Show them how they can look at each job, each task as one with a goal, and by reaching this goal gain a sense of pride.


Now it’s time to start working on your goals.


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