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Today I’m going to look at how the work you do and the way you do what it is a reflection of who you are.

What do I mean by this?


  • If disorderly at your work, it’s because you’re disorderly inside.


  • If you’re always late, it’s because you are late inside.


  • If you are jaded with your work, it’s because you are jaded inside.


“If you’re not the role model you wish your employees to follow, how can you start changing your mindset?”


What aspects of your life would you like to improve?  Let’s look at some possibilities.


  • Do you procrastinate?


  • Do you fail to follow through?


  • Are you loud and inpatient?


  • Do you feel overwhelmed?


Many of these traits could be the cause root of drudgery. Often drudgery is not the result of a poor business concept or lack of planning, it might mean you do not have the right strategic mindset.


Planning and developing activities are imperative to your business’s success: forecasting, budgeting, projecting sales and revenue, staff planning are all important to meet your business commitments.


These are great first steps and in the next INNsider Tips, we’ll look more at getting the strategic mindset.


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