Welcome to the first instalment of the INNsider Tips.

These will be short weekly videos that are designed to help you, hospitality property owners and managers grow your property.

Now, who am I?

I am Gerry MacPherson, co-founder of Keystone Hospitality Development Consulting, a group of travel authority’s that have come together with decades of hospitality property visitation experience.

We have spent 1000’s of nights in properties of all sizes and classes worldwide, conducting countless site inspections for several world-class tour and travel companies, as well as received feedback from 100,000’s of customers.

This knowledge has given us a unique insight into the wants, needs and requirements of individual and group travellers, as well as management and employees.

The first series of videos tips will be about planning your property.

If you are planning to open a hotel, resorts, inn or bed and breakfasts


Sleep around

Visit other hospitality properties similar to what you are thinking of opening in the area you’re considering to open. Talk with the owners and find out their pros and cons.


And don’t be rushed to find the right location


If you’re dealing with the real estate agent, find one that’s willing to take the time to find you the best deal. If you feel you’re being pressured by them, my first instinct is to always walk away.

Study the surroundings

Examples of how elements could affect a site

  • Is the area prone to flooding
  • Where the winds come from?
  • Heavy traffic or livestock farms nearby

You have to be aware of the noise and potential smell.


Before committing to a site, visit it several different days and times so you’ll understand what your guests will experience.

OK, that was your first tip and there will be many more to come so stay tuned. Make sure to subscribe to not miss any and make sure to join one of our groups that best serve your needs.



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